He who watches fails to see
Mine own rise from “him” to “me”.
Defiant thumps blow at his core.
Defiant thoughts, for now I’m free.
Him whom once I had adored,
Shadow of what I used to be.

Mirrors fall, crack, and break,
As from illusions I awake.
Tenacious itch I shall forsake,
To set sail on the unbound sea;
Set sail as “I” and “me”,
Without the dismal presence, that of “he”.

For he is the fiend, black as coal,
Above, below, vast and small,
Within, without, about the soul,
He’d halted both fight and flee.
And only in “him” did I see “me”,
And naught else could I foresee.

Whispers resonated within,
For he was both virtue and sin,
My father, mother, wife, and kin,
My teary eyes, my bended knee.
“Thou art wicked, I repel thee!
“Thou art wicked, I guarantee!”

He who watches failed to see
Mine own rise from “him” to “me”.
Treacherous thumps blew at his core.
Treacherous thoughts, at last I’m free!
From him whom I had once adored,
He who’d fought in days of yore,
By the name of “misery”.