(Necessary reads/prerequisites: 

Jumping into a Pit


The Diadem)


They followed, they swarmed, they chanted. They wanted my death.

Thunder. It struck with a beat that seemed familiar, following the rhythm of my running footsteps.

“We do not forgive.”

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The Diadem


I sat on the roadside, alongside many others, watching a city on the brink of collapse.

The night was dark but the earth had a deep orange glow to it, illuminating everything within sight.

I was surrounded by hypocrites. People of no real passion or purpose. Their eyes spoke of what their mouths wouldn’t reveal; stories of hatred, envy, and evil. And with those eyes they shot the sliest looks straight at me, with wicked pretentious grins covering their faces.

They all seemed the same, really. Though their faces differed, their eyes were unified.

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Eden – Short Excerpt


“Do not think. Just play. Feel. You have 10 seconds at most before this building collapses.”

My heart was racing, as I placed my trembling hand on the keyboard once more. Pressing the key, my finger felt light-weighted, my head spun, and my ears flew into realms of seraphic music. For a sound like no other was omitted from the piano. A divine note that the strongest imagination could not foster. It was the note of the heavens.

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I walked into the ballroom, dressed in a suit and a look of content, as the music of a beautiful Waltz filled the air.

People all around were dancing in pairs. Perfect synchronization, perfect precision, perfect faces. For their faces weren’t dynamic. They were as stiff as a rock, with eyes wide open, never blinking, and a huge smile on their faces. Not once did their mouths twitch, and not once did they hide those perfectly white teeth of theirs.

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Thoughts of a Slightly Healthier Narcissist


So by now I think the -2 people and one chinchilla who actually read this blog have established that it’s a place where I post excerpts of my work-in-progress book called “Thoughts of a Dying Narcissist”. However, that narcissist has decided to take a break, so here are the less poetic thoughts of a slightly younger and healthier narcissist. It’s yours truly.

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