On Suicide – Things I’ve Come to Know.


I’d never hoped to write this as someone who has experienced the feeling of wanting to take their own life. The idea itself was once too foreign, too abstract, too ridiculous of an adventure for me to embark on, as I hope you – the person reading this right now – feel about it. I mean, it’s ridiculous to believe I could reach a point where the idea of taking my own life actually triggers the kind of response that pushes me to do it, right?

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Thoughts of a Slightly Healthier Narcissist


So by now I think the -2 people and one chinchilla who actually read this blog have established that it’s a place where I post excerpts of my work-in-progress book called “Thoughts of a Dying Narcissist”. However, that narcissist has decided to take a break, so here are the less poetic thoughts of a slightly younger and healthier narcissist. It’s yours truly.

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