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I walked into the ballroom, dressed in a suit and a look of content, as the music of a beautiful Waltz filled the air.

People all around were dancing in pairs. Perfect synchronization, perfect precision, perfect faces. For their faces weren’t dynamic. They were as stiff as a rock, with eyes wide open, never blinking, and a huge smile on their faces. Not once did their mouths twitch, and not once did they hide those perfectly white teeth of theirs.

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stormy city

(Best read with the attached track, Nocturne Op. 55 No. 1 {variation}, originally composed by Chopin and performed by Mr. Chad Lawson, as well as the “Rainy Mood” link at the bottom of the page. Using a laptop is recommended so you could play both tracks simultaneously and enjoy an atmospheric read.)

I stepped out of the door, into the dark city of light, while all forms of life moved around me busily. An aggressive beat of nature hammered my ears, whilst clouds clashed in fierce combat, pouring infinite masses of rain onto my head as I slowly came to be soaked to the bone.

Yet I was at peace with the violence of the world, as the earth shook from the storm attacking us all. The few roadside trees around me looked like they will be no more, as they bent sideways under the winds’ punches. But I couldn’t wait till the skies cleared up. There was no time to waste.

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30th of December, 2015 – The Race

33 Departing Shadowy figures 18x24

I opened my eyes, waking from my slumber, as a dense mist flailed around me. My head felt quite heavy, as though it were pulling my whole body down into endless space. I couldn’t make sense of my surroundings, or where I was. Thoughts of both dread and curiosity filled my mind, as I heard roars of a cheering crowd in the far distance, travelling through space, and reaching my ear delicately. Continue reading

28th of December, 2015 -Jumping Into a Pit


I opened my eyes, clueless as to where I was. The ground beneath me was rough, and the world around me was all but known. 

I sat there, watching a rose fly aimlessly into an abyss, only to get caught by the twisted tongues of a flame; one that doesn’t burn it into ashes, but preserves it in a display of agonizing beauty, showing me that pain could be beautiful, and feeding my tendencies to pursue torment and bask in its wonder.

So I walked forth, looking at all the pits that surrounded me: dark endless holes in the ground that promise fear and pain, yet look so inviting. So many possibilities, so many choices. One may be worse than the other, one could present you with beauty, one could promise you nothingness for all eternity… And in no way could I have known which one is the suitable choice. Continue reading