About the Book

“You are lost. Confused as to what all of this means. You know not what you want, or why you want it. You seek truth, yet delve into the world of imagination. You seek love, yet embrace the hate within you. You seek immortality, yet crave death.”

Thoughts of a Dying Narcissist is an autobiographical tale written from the points of view of the different versions of the writer; those that have lived at different times. The child, the victim, the lover, the confused, and the wise man all coexist in a tale of exploration and discovery within ones own realms of imagination.

This is a journey of desire, of love, of regret… While recalling years of loss, confusion, pain, and doubt, the sole main character also displays his evolution as a human, in a world that never agreed with his one-of-a-kind mindset.

Tackling spiritual mysteries, he walks through foreign worlds to find all the answers he’s seeking, yet all those worlds stem from within.

But a living environment isn’t all that there is, as he gives his emotions, fears, and thoughts physical form.

It is a unique inside look at the human struggles from a whole different perspective.

Message from the author:

The process of writing this book was (and still is) both a challenge and a relief to me, as the writings here require a great deal of introspection. Some stories are inspired by my own dreams and the interpretations I have of them. Others are inspired by real life events that had a great impact on me, abstracted and turned into a living environment which I live through.

Never had I shared a bigger part of my own struggle as a human, seeking purpose and knowledge, but also love and acceptance, usually concepts that violently clash.

It’s a story I’m sure many of you will understand, but will only relate to in your own ways. I truly hope you like it.

P.S. This site will not include everything I write for the book, but random excerpts that I choose as I go through the process of writing it.

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